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Thread: APDL.net Export Formatting

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    APDL.net Export Formatting


    For the sake of uniformity I'm trying to match the exporting from APDL to my previous formatting used in Logbook Pro. Specifically is there away to format the following during export:

    - Airports - Use 4 letter ICAO code instead of the 3 letter IATA code
    - In the Remarks get the Crew: entry to display "Employee # Name" instead of "Name Employee #"
    - Populate OOOI colums with UTC times but use local base time for date of flight
    -Have Aircraft Ident Display "Tailnumber/Ship number"

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    Airports: In Settings > General in APDL you can specify your airport identifier format
    Crew: No way to customize that
    Times: It's all the same as set, no way to separate date of flight from OOOI at this time, if others desire this we'll consider it
    Tails: We are hoping to bring more ship number integration in at least within the app, we'll see how export handles it later

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