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Thread: Departure alarm day one.

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    Departure alarm day one.

    I'd like the ability to set an alarm on day one of a trip, just like at a hotel. I see no difference in relevance between the two, so why not have the ability to set one at the beginning of a trip? I can set an iPhone alarm to tell me to leave the pad, but the same could be said for the hotel...

    I am actually more likely to be goofing off at the crash pad than I am to miss my van from a hotel.

    Of course, I may have simply forgot where to find the feature (if it exists) since I'm not a user of it very often. I tested it for a while, then reverted back to the standard iPhone alarm for wake up.
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    I think this is a great idea. I second the motion.

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    Will log the suggestion, thanks. Don't forget you can make suggestions on UserVoice as well if desired.

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