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Thread: Changing default crew rest class

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    Changing default crew rest class

    Is it possible to change this? It would be nice to be able to select which class facility we have in the aircraft settings. It doesn't look like that's possible. Is there a default setting somewhere I can change? I'm just getting sick of seeing red legality issues every time I input a trip

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    Really? Nothing?

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    Go to the leg in question and change your Legality regulation to 117 AUGMENTED & save it
    Click on the green LEGAL legality lozenge for for that day
    Click on 117 Augmented on the next screen
    Scroll UP & Under Assumptions you can change the rest assumption to Class 2 or 1 by tapping on it. You can also change the number of crew
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    Right but when I close out and reopen it defaults back to class 3 rest area and my trip is flagged red again.

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    This is a known issue we are planning to address in an upcoming update.
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