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Thread: Logbook Pro Desktop update???

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    Sep 2017

    Logbook Pro Desktop update???

    Hi There,

    I was just curious about the status of the promised update to the desktop version of LBP?
    In various posts various features (mainly custom reports, flight instructor endorsements, and updated FAA-8710 format) have been said to be coming soon for quite a few years now. Without doing too much digging through the forum some of those posts date back to 2009.
    A couple of years ago (maybe 2 or 3) a beta test series for a new desktop version was mentioned, but the forum thread for that has still been empty.
    I have been using LBP since 2004 and still like it very much. The addition of the Airlineapps.com report was great idea. Also, with the free upgrades LBP has been a great bargain. However, without some of the updated features it is getting harder to recommend LBP to new flight students and other pilots.

    Thank You

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    Thank you for your inquiry and support of Logbook Pro. We don't announce dates of upcoming releases, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters/announcements to be informed when updates do come out. We are always working on all products, this is a full time job for us, not a hobby or part time venture. Logbook Pro both Desktop and Mobile are rock solid in their offerings with few if any known bugs. Development takes time. As our newest product offering APDL for iOS and its cloud companion APDL.net is now maturing we can devote more resources back to Logbook Pro.

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    Hi Neal,

    Thanks for the update.


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