Adding to a record


Nov 24, 2002
I have the latest version. I new. I will Import from an Excel TAB delim. file, but I will import only the required fields along with DAY and NIGHT. I want at a later time when I get the custom fields setup to import the rest of the data for each flight. The TAB delim. file has the info in it but the LBR does not have the matching field. However I need to run times and check them against my Excel file to insure their correctness before going on.

How is that done?

Do I just re-import the dat and deselect the fields already in and select the ones that are not in the LBP?

Please help.

Thanks, Robert
Hi Robert,

You cannot append data to an existing row, you have to map your custom columns then do the one time import. As you stated, you could reaccomplish the import, but let me explain the two import options of Append and Replace:

1) Append means it will ADD your import data to your existing flight logbook data. It doesn't merge records, so if you already have 1000 line entries and do an import of a 500 row data file, you'll end up with 1500 total rows.

2) The Replace option will first DELETE your entire flight logbook data area then bring in the imported data.

ALWAYS backup prior to conducting an import.
Let me make sure I understand your first comment about "adding" data to an existing row...What I understand is that "adding" data can only be accomplished by adding the custom fields and doing a [new] import of the data, as though I was bring in the data for the first time. Does that mean I should do a replace?

Also if I do an Import for the first time can I select only those fields that are required (obviously) and also the ones that I want that are matching fields. I presume that the field name do not have to be exact only close? And that requirement is so that folks will be able to match fields. Right?


You cannot add data to an existing row via the import wizard. I suggest creating your custom fields first, then when you go through the import wizard you'll have targets for mapping columns that are not in Logbook Pro by default. I suggest going through the import wizard and stop just prior to performing the import to get more familiar with the process. Also review the Import Wizard documentation by clicking Help...Contents in Logbook Pro.
Ok. I understood that. I asked my question wrongly. Let me try again...Can I import the 5 required fields plus two more. (The answer will be "YES"). Because I needs some totals in different aircraft immediately. I do not have time to put in the custom fields correctly right now...soo here is what I want to do...

I want to get the required totals. Then in 4-5 days enter the additional fields and then re-import the full arry of fields but unsing the REPLAACE option or if that won't work just deleting the entire LBP database and starting over. I hope the REPLACE approach would work because I prefer not to enter the aircraft info again (but will if I have to).

I hope this clears up my question.
OK so what you are saying is what I described in my last Rely is an appropriate way to do what I want??
Hello Robert,

Please see the above replies I made regarding the append and replace functionality. I suggest backing up then experimenting with the Import Wizard to learn how it works, as well as review the documentation on the Import Wizard as well.
Boy you are a hard man to get a straight answer out of. I thought a simple YES or NO would be the next response from you.

Thanks anyway...