Amphibious Flight Time


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May 17, 2005
Anybody have a good idea about how to set up an amphibious aircraft in Logbook Pro? Its not land or sea, its both. Any ideas??

Hi Adam,

This issue has been raised before and we expect to improve on this with the next version. For now, you may want to make two A/C Type entries such as C-XYZ-Land and C-XYX-Sea and log times appropriately in the corresponding type. Hopefully breaking down the types will suffice as a workaround. I've dispatched a message to one of my chief beta team members who also is an amphib pilot. I've invited him to respond here to see how he goes about this.

Yes, I did what Neal suggested for my log and that's probably the best
you can do for the current version. It works sort of, but then
if you want the time-in-type for that type, you have to add
the two numbers together. Maybe he should put a manual calculator
function into logbook pro, huh? /Forums/emoticons/smile.gif
Following up on this... I tried the method suggested, but it only throws off the total time column.

Has any of the developers followed up on this over the last 14 years?