APDL Summary page error


Mar 18, 2006
Using APDL on a PPC. When I change the view to Summary, all values are displayed as zeros. hitting the refresh button has no effect. Hitting the Last 90 days button works ok. Message displayed on ppc as follows:

unexpected error in apdl 2004 exc.
format exception

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Hello MK,

We need your data to test and reproduce this issue. If you sync to Logbook Pro, you can find the data in C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro\APDL Pocket PC\{Your 8-digit ID}.

Please zip the 8-digit ID into one folder then submit a support ticket attaching this one zip file. We'll take a look and see what we can do to resolve this if reproduced.
Hi Neal,

Just noticed in addition to my previous email that when I go to LBP/Reports/APDL Reports - as soon as the cursor is over APDL Reports - I get the following message: "View the Legacy APDL Reports formerly generated by Single Sync". When I go to Pocket PC option all folders thereafter are empty.

The only other thing of note which I can think of is that when I last downloaded the newest version of APDL, I forgot to backup my pocket pc data and lost the lot! That said I've put lots of data in since and everything else seems ok.

Only reason I noticed this is that my running 28 day total is running around the 100 hour mark and I need to keep an eye on it away from home.

Reserve duty coming to an end - might actually get to enjoy a Sunday lunch at home for a change! Enjoy your weekend Neal.


The reports are generated when running the PDA Wizard with the APDL Legacy Report option checked. Make sure you have the latest versions, run the PDA Wizard in 1.10.25 then try to access the reports from the Report menu in Logbook Pro.

For other reporting options, please see the section at the bottom of the APDL Portal.
Hi Neal,
Recently had reason to download the APDL software to my ppc again, and this would appear to have solved my problem with the summary page.
MK. :)