Custom Time Field Error Checking


Jul 3, 2004
Hong Kong
Hi Neal,

Back in '04 I asked about having a custom time field in LBP that was exempt from error checking so that I could log block times as well as flight times (we do long and ultra longhaul flying with supplemental crew, and I can only log time at controls but also want to log full block times). Put simply, for some flights I want to log a block time longer than the "duration".

V1 of your iPad app allowed me to do this, but V2 doesn't. I can't find an option to deselect, and have had a quick look through these forums.

My apologies if this has already been covered.

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Hello Alec,

v2 does validate the custom time columns, it was missed in the v1 app. I'll add a feature request to have the option to disable this functionality. In the PC you can by going to Options/Flight Log and unchecking FAR error checking.
Thanks Neal. This is how I handle it in the PC. I look forward to the tweak on the iPad/ iPhone. Thanks for the quick reply.


There is a work-around you could try. Flights marked as Pending Flight bypass error checking. So you could mark these flights as Pending and then go to Settings/Synchronization and set the option ON to sync pending flights. The flights will highlight "red" on the iPhone but if you can ignore that it should achieve the desired result. See if this works for you until we implement a feature in a future version to bypass error checking.
I concur, giving the use an option, to have custom time fields and NOT tie it to the Duration/flight time would be super! As a flight instructor I want to make several custom time fields such as Hobbs in/ out, tach in/out, start/ stop time. Hobbs should be numerical field, tach same way and total. Start stop should be in utc or 24 hr format. I have currently added this to my custom txt fields and works ok but when I touch the field I have to select the numbers button. Would like a switch to set the field attribute so the keyboard would come up correctly on the iPad for the mode of entry, if it's a txt field then give me the keyboard, if a number field, give me the number keyboard.