Date time and memory


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Feb 28, 2002
I'm just wondering the same thing as everyone else.... when is it coming out. As I great believer in LBP I wish to have it on my PDA (which I still have to buy). So my question is... which PDA will run LBP? How much memory is it going to use?

My other Issue is one that I also have with LBP 1.6. Being from Europe I'm used to logging flight time in hours and minutes. NOT HOBS. I understand that this option will become availeble for desktop with version 2. Because I want to use the PDA for away moments and then sync it with my desktop I hope this will also become available.

Last but not least.... I agree with KISS. The PDA should have some reporting options but the real work with currency and analyzer should remain on desktop.

If I don't want color...... is that possible??

Love the program!!! Hope to see the newer ones soon!
Hello and thank you very much for your inquiry,

I am not going to be able to release any timelines. I promise, when I can go public with any information whatsoever, it WILL be posted here, so please be patient.

It will be simple and straight-forward for rapid data entry. If you don't have color, it will appear as your other applications do on the palm, so don't worry.

Thanks for the great inputs, please keep them coming, just no more 'Mom, how much longer' from the backseat of the car! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Neal Culiner
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We buyed your logbook pro1.9.4 last day , and we've seen that or we are not able to change the time format , we would like to have this format as shown belove here :
that is our example :

your program use this kind of format : 10.25 -- 11.00 = 0.6
we whant that the time is written in : 10.25 -- 11.00 = 00.35

thankyou and best regards ..........ciao