Drop-down boxes on PPC


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Aug 1, 2005
Hi again

On the PPC version og LBP, the log book entry has a drop down box for aircraft types, which make an entry much easier.

I would though love to see the same function if I could register the a/c registration "IDENT"and the city codes "ROUTE" just in same matter as aircraft types, so they would be integrated as a drop down box.....

Drop Boxes on Palm

I would like to second this suggestion. I fly for a part 135 operator and we have 9 aircraft at our base that I could be called on to fly. It would be nice to have the N numbers for these available to pick from rather than having to enter it by hand when ever I change from one to another.

Same thing for routes. While I am not on a regular run going back and forth every day, I do fly a somewhat limited set of routes. Having them available as a pick list would be very convenient.

Of course, one differance from the aircraft list would be the ability to enter one that ISN'T in the pick list from time to time without having to do it on the PC.