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Importing From APDL and UTC Dates


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Jan 3, 2004
I'm using both APDL and Logbook Pro and noticed that flights that were imported to the Logbook were listed in the logbook by the Flight Times ie Flt 1 - 0330UTC Flt 2 - 2030 UTC Flt 3 - 2330 UTC. My problem is that Flt 1 was actually the third flight that day locally, but since the time was 0330 the software thinks it was the first. (I hope I'm making sense!) Is there any way to let Logbook Pro know that flight times after 0000 UTC should be listed on the next date in the logbook? Thanks in advance.


Logbook Pro sorts the data by Flight Date then Time Entered for flights on the same date. I recommend contacting Auman Software at support@airlinelogbook.com for assistance on this matter, or post the question to their support forum.