Is it possible to transfer completed flight time information to Logbook Pro?


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Nov 18, 2005
Is it possible to transfer flight time information after I have completed a pairing to logbook pro?

I recently broke my windows phone. I bought a Droid phone to replace it. LB Pro/APDL is not supported on the Droid. Therefore, I have not been logging my flight time like I usually do after every flight. So, can I take the flight time information posted into FLiCA by the company after I complete a flight and copy/paste it directly to Logbook Pro? I realize that information such as IMC, Approaches, Night time ect is not downloaded by the company into flica but actual flight time is.
Hello Jeff,

For schedule information you can import your trip data in our schedule importer and then use the export for Logbook Pro option which creates .trp files. You can use the File..Import Schedule feature in Logbook Pro if you have the Professional or Enterprise Edition.

Hopefully this answers your question