LBP Import?

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Feb 4, 2007
What is going on? Can we expect this by Christmas? Still very annoyed about having to import everything twice and enter everything twice. The old Palm pilot workflow was easier. You gave us the impression that LBP import was only going to be a few months when APDL launched. Can you give us a REAL status report?
It is hard to predict software, we have A LOT in development including a major feature in APDL, Logbook Pro Desktop, Logbook Pro for iOS and Android, Route Browser updates, Web site updates - i.e. EVERYTHING. There is a lot more to the Logbook Pro Desktop update than APDL import. I will post updates in the forum and newsletter when I have information to share. Thank you for your continued patience, there is no need to keep asking as obviously it is a highly anticipated item and you will be notified just as soon as there is something to share.
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