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Dec 2, 2003
Jessup, MD
I would like to see and hear something besides an airplane when I open the software, both on the PC and PDA. LearJets are nice, asis the new classic sound of the prop-driven plane, but I amonly rated to fly helicopters. It would be nice to hear the sound of a helicopter (a EurocopterAS365N3 Dauphin for example) when I start the software on my PC and see a picture of the same aircraft I just heard. Perhaps even offer the option for the user to select what aircraft image will be shown on start-up and have a sound to accompany the image. You could even place this selection in the same location as the current "disable sound on start-up" in the options menu. If you like this idea, let me know and I'll come up with a list of aircraft to represent various interests and occupations.