PDA Wizard problem - can't import from Palm!

Gavin Palmer

Feb 20, 2008

I am very frustrated. I purchased the ADPL for Palm and the Logbook Pro for my PC a couple months ago. I did get all of the SW installed and they worked fine on both my PC and Palm device. I also successfully used the PDA Wizard a couple weeks ago to import my logged times and details from my Palm device.

I just now opened up my Logbook Pro SW on my PC however, and when I open the PDA Wizard now to import my logbook data off my Palm device, it immediately brings up the following message:

"Hotsync not found or no Palm usernames created. Please ensure Hotsync is running and APDL-Palm OS 6 or later is installed."

I do have Hotsync running and I should have the latest SW installed. I haven't changed anything on my device or either SW program that should have changed anything. Furthermore, it will not even let me exit from this annoying message!! My only option is to click OK. And then the message just makes a noise and reappears. I can't select or use ANYTHING else in the Logbook Pro SW. My only option is to Control Alt Delete and force a manual close of the entire Logbook Pro application.

PLEASE HELP with this highly annoying and frustrating problem. What can I do to fix this and properly import my logbook information off of my Palm device?


Gavin P.
Thanks for your response.

No, I am using Windows XP on my home desk top computer. And the OS on my phone is Palm. I have the same Windows XP OS on my home computer that I had installed previously and I had no trouble using the PDA Wizard feature before.

Please advise.

I don't believe the problem is on our end to be honest, it sounds like an issue with Palm desktop registering with Windows. I suggest uninstall/reinstall Palm Desktop and see if that resolves your issue.
OK. Very frustrated. I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled Palm Desktop as you recommended. Now when I open Logbook Pro on my PC and select the PDA Wizard button, it brings up a screen which is grayed out ( I can't select the options) which are:

Welcome to the PDA Synchronization Wizard
Select the PDA application from the list below.

PDA Source:
Logbook Pro Palm Companion (not licensed)
Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion (not licensed)
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Palm OS (not present)
Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook - Pocket PC (not licensed)

Then a button to Activate Licenses, a Cancel Button and a Next button.
I already pressed the button to Activate Licenses and re-entered my unlock code for the APDL Palm SW. It accepted and gave me the following message:
"Thank you for registering your APDL-Palm OS Software. You can now import data sync'd from the PDA device once the PDA also is activated with the same registration information."

I went into the APDL SW on my Palm device and it doesn't give me an option anywhere to re-enter an activation code. It just tells me that the SW if registered to my name.

Now, back to the first screen above, when I press the NEXT button, it gives me the following message:
"Unable to proceed until PDA licenses have been activated. Click the Activate Licenses button on the lower left to enter your purchased licenses available from NC Software's Secure Online Store."

Its telling me now to use the Activate Licenses button again that I just used!!

So now I am stuck on the PDA Wizard and it will not let me go forward and import data from my Palm device.

Please Help!!

Thank You!

The problem once again is not Logbook Pro but your Palm desktop. "Not present" means it can't detect HotSync and Palm users on your PC. Make sure you have a user setup in the Palm desktop and everything is installed properly as it relates to Palm desktop and HotSync.
I don't understand. I just reinstalled the Palm Desktop SW, I used the same User name as before for my device and the Palm Desktop, and the HotSync feature works perfectly with no problem.

Where do I go from here? I don't know what else to check for. I don't think Palm or Sprint is going to help me trouble shoot 3rd party SW.

Can you give me any additional pointers please?
Ok, thank you.

I will try that as soon as I get back into town. To save the data I've already entered into Logbook Pro, is it best to use the Archive feature? Then once I've reinstalled the SW, I can just reimport that data? Or do you suggest a different method for this?

Thanks again