Start Date on every Report


Apr 27, 2005
TA37 Ben Wheeler, Texas
Every time I want to make a report I get asked the STARTING DATE and the ENDING DATE. Usually the ENDING DATE is close or only a few months away from today's date but the STARTING DATE is about15 years back. I go to the DATES Drop Downbut it only takes me back 10 YEARS and from then on it's a month by month deal.

Almost all of my reports are from my first flight to a date close to today. Is there a way to get to that first flight date without having to press that little arrow in the top left corner dozens of times and move back month by month ?

Thanks for a great product !!!


ps:The change from Flightlevel2003 to this program has been the best thing I've done. Support is great and I'm still finding new ways to manipulate my data (still looking how to sort it all by N numbers so I can see only those flights with a specific helo but I'll find it someday soon).
Hello Carlos,

Thank you for your inquiry. There should be no limitation as to how far back a date calendar will let you go. Please see our documentation on using the Date Filter for more information.

You can sort by any column in the Spreadsheet Style data entry area by clicking the corresponding column header, click again to sort opposite.

I might not have explained myself correctly but still you fixed my problem AND IN JUST 7 MINUTES !! That's the great service I was talking about !!

There isn't a limitation on how far I was going, it was just taking me forever month by month but now you told me how to go back year by year and it's perfect.

Thanks again,
Yes, there are many ways of doing things in Logbook Pro. People don't realize you actually click directly on the Month or Year and quickly change the values without having to scroll for 36 minutes! :)


(P.S. We have a feature request in to remember the last dates used to make it even easier. It may make the 1.9.9 release coming soon)