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Totals don't add up correctly in Summary Report


Sep 20, 2008
I have transferred my paper logbook by entering the totals of each airplane I have ever flown. Each airplane and its total time is entered on a seperate line. I then opened the Aircraft Configuration Summary and it showed all the different total times for each airplane. However, the total time under CATEGORY AIRPLANE did not add up correctly. Here is a copy of the screen I see:

BE20 2.9
BE36 820.8
BE58 268.2
C150 25.0
C172 625.0
C172RG 37.0
C177 21.0
C182 33.0
C340 1.6
HS125-400 90.6
HS125-700 105.6
HS125-800XP 119.0
OMF160 16.0
PA28 27.0
PA44 107.3

Airplane 2,300.0

Multi-Engine Land 695.2
Single-Engine Land 1,604.8

Aircraft Characteristics:
Normal 1,984.8
Transport 315.2

Power Characteristics:
Piston Aircraft 1,980.3
Turbofan 315.2
Turboprop 4.5

Complex: 1,553.0
Type Rating Required: 315.2
High Performance: 1,441.7
Over 12,500 lbs: 315.2
Retract: 1,553.0
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Most likely the problem is a setting in the aircraft configurations area.
I of course made sure that all aircraft listed in the Aircraft Configuration Area are set to AIRPLANE. I hope we are talking about the same area. I am talking about OPTIONS and then AIRCRAFT, where I selected Airplane under CATEGORY for each aircraft.