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Trouble validating 1000/365


Well-known member
Feb 4, 2007
I've finally validated 100/672, 190/672 and 60/168 but still can't get 1000/365 to agree with my calculations. It appears as if it is only looking at the projected next leg to fly plus the previous 365 instead of totals projected from the end of the current day (which appears to be the way the 109/672 works and makes sense). On 2/12/15 I should be looking back to 2/12/14 inclusive, right?

Steve Hayne

Support Engineer
Apr 10, 2009
It does the same thing the other block time look back does. It looks at your next/current day's projected FDP end and looks back 365 days (8760 hrs). The legality number includes your scheduled flying for the next/current day. I verified that mine is correct. If you include 2/12/14 and 2/12/15 that would be 366 days.