64 bit operating system


I do not have an answer for you at this time. I'm open to any feedback from those that do move down this path, but we are waiting for the OS and supporting system to mature before we begin development/testing. I anticipate no problems, however after talking to Dell, as we use Dell Precision Workstations for development, they said there were issues and recommended we keep our systems at 32-bit for now.

I am currently running LogbookPro on my new computer that has an AMD 64 bit processorand I have yet to run intoany problems. I will be sure to pass along any problem I run into when it surfaces.
Thanks Tyler! Let us know what you find, but as I expect, and you've stated, I don't believe there will be any issues. It's just uncharted territory with the 64-bit OS, but I'm sure they (Microsoft) have worked hard to ensure 32-bit applications are compatible. Logbook Pro doesn't have anything fancy integrations with processors so there should be no issues.

Thank you for your feedback.

64 bit processor working great

Well, I'm happy to report that I have all files up and running. LogbookPro works without any trouble. I am able to import pairings to APDL via the Schedule Importer and Singlesync works flawlessly. I'll report any glitches I may find but I have to assume I won't see anything as the three major components work just fine.

For anyone wondering I am running an AMD Athlon 64 bit processor.