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8710 -1 Issues/Improvements


New member
Nov 5, 2004
The LBP 8710 form is a great tool and a real timesaver.
However it is too easy to enter data in the wrong format when filling it out.

One local FAA Examiner told me that when he sees an 8710 form from LBP he automatically gets out the "whiteout". Otherwise "Okee City" will send it back to him. It seem that applicants would print out the front side from LBP then run it though a copier to put the FAA standard back side on a single sheet to take to their checkride. Not a problem except that the LBP side needed corrections.

For instance all dates on the 8710 must be in the "mm-dd-yyyy" format.

LBP allow one to enter dates in any format.
LBP even autofills using the wrong "Month dd, yyyy" format on the date the 8710 was printed.

He told me some of the many mistake that are made:

Some are:
Name: Should be Last, Sr., First, Middle
The, Sr, II, etc. is often wrongly located at the end of the name field, not after the last name.

Enter your height in inches. Example: 5’8” would be

entered as 68 in. No fractions, use whole inches only. LBP could check for correct format​

Enter your weight in pounds. No fractions, use whole

pounds only.​

Spell out the color of your hair.

If bald, enter “Bald.”

Color should be listed as black, red, brown, blond, or gray.
If you wear a wig or toupee, enter the color of your hair under the wig or toupee.
This could be a drop down menu in LBP as there are only 6 choices.​
Spell out the color of your eyes.
The color should be listed as blue, brown, black, hazel, green, or gray.
This could be a drop down menu too.​

SSN: Only 3 choices - enter either “SSN” or the words “Do not Use” or “None.”

Aircraft to be used for flight test: Needs "Make" AND "Model". Could LBP also calculate the Total Time and PIC time fields? Currently I run a LBP make model report and transcribe the data for make/model time.

Piloting Times: The 8710 can be filled out using hours and tenths (xx.x) or just hours (xx).
However ALL time must be in the same format (even time in Make/Model blocks).
If you use only hours you MUST round DOWN.

Medical examiners name: Must be exacly as typed on the medical​

A few minor nits but they seem to trip up many applicants.

Excellent comments! I second them.

It would also be nice to print out the back side as well so we don't have to run it through the copier.