8710 Night Landing Numbers


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Nov 30, 2008
I am filling out an 8710 on IACRA for an Instructor Renewal.

I've come across something that seems a bit odd to me in reference to the Night Landing Fields for the 8710. The 8710 creation function of LB pro is creating these numbers for these fields.

Night Take-Off/Landing:

Night Take-Off/ Landing PIC:


How do I have five more landings under the second field of PIC+SIC than I do total?

Unless I am completely missing something here this is wrong. My question is how do I go about assessing where this error is. There are 5 landings in question. I've reviewed and have no landings that are not during night conditions. No aircraft i'm not autolisting as PIC or SIC. No legs that have day and night landings.

I'm so lost.
In the wise words of philosopher Mencia: "De deee deeee"

The answer is student pilot stuff. Neither PIC nor SIC landing completed during the private pilot training.

During my editing I must have adjusted something to make me go below the required 10 landings......These fields should not match.

LB Restoration coming up.

Thanks anyways.