Activation problem

Take a look at this article since you're using Windows Vista. Try disabling any security software that may be blocking Logbook Pro's writing to the Windows Registry and if you still need assistance, fill out a support ticket including the registration information you are using to activate.
That solution worked! Thank you!!

I went back and re-enabled UAC, rebooted, and launched LBP and the registration information was not needed.

Thanks for the help!
I personally really like the UAC feature in my Vista Business edition. I'm sure the issue will be fixed in an update rather than forcing those of us who like to use the feature to buy the new LBP when it comes out even though we just bought the current version? Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm waiting to get the computer back with LBP pro edition installed on it so I can back it up and move it over to my new vista machine. I'm guessing since I have 2 licenses I can just install with the remaining license then just release the license on the old computer so I still have a spare. Thanks again for the info.