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Additional Analyzer options


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Feb 13, 2006
After procrastinating entering the rest of my paper logbook data, I finally got around to it this week and I am finally done! Now, I am going through the data with the analyzer and matching LBP date filtered times with the times I have for each of my paper logbook pages. I want to do this so I can see if I missed entering times, etc. Also, so I can narrow down my math errors on paper.

The date filter works for alot of my pages, but some multiple leg days carry over to the next page and therefore the analyzer no longer matches my "totals for this page" and/or "totals to date".

Now for my wish:

Add an option on the analyzer page to show x# of entries with a start date; and total those entries. Why? With my first logbook, it only has 13 lines per page for entry, with my Jepp logbook it has 14 lines per page.

So if want to compare my times from the 3rd page of my second logbook, I could select the start date, say 01/02/1999, and have the next 14 entries show up. Once I check those times I could click, a "NEXT x# Entries" button and continue comparing.

Hope that makes sense?
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Jul 4, 2006
i think that would be extremely useful, and i've wished for the same type of utility as well.

alternately, i've done this in the past by saving the log to a text file, and using grep, sed & awk to run totals by page, etc. if you're interested, i could cook something like that up in a shell script.