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Alternate Method...Force that ActiveSync to Work!!


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Jan 16, 2004
Hello, all! I thought I'd share this with you since I know first hand how frustrating this whole ActiveSync thing can become!

I've found a solution to this problem with ActiveSync 3.7 and 3.7.1, as pertains to Logbook Pro and Pocket PCs (PPCs). You'll have to create a link between your logbook file and your PPC manually. Only one step changes...Step 6, bullet 1, add alternate method to read: Within Activesync right click on the Pocket Access Information Type and select SETTINGS. In the box that opens, click ADD.
At this point you'll be at the same point, but via a different (manual) approach. So, you'll now need to simply accomplish the remaining steps (beginning with Step 6, bullet 2) exactly as written in NC Software's installation guide.
I don't know why this is, but Activesync is a real beast to conquer in many ways.

I also advocate the President's recommendation to ensure your JET4 and MDACs are up to date first.

Happy Computing, and Safe Flying! Or is it the other way around? :)

I tried both the forced and the normal wat to sync the PC and my PDA and had no luck. I have removed and reinstalled on both also. I keep getting a message access denied, then when I hit OK is says general access denied. Any ideas.

Intel 99
Uninstall Logbook Pro from ActiveSync and the PDA. On the PDA go into the File Explorer, look under \Program Files and DELETE the Logbook Pro folder. Reinstall.

I followed your suggestion and the instructions verbatim. WHen I click OK in the last step, I get this
error message

Saturday, January 17, 2004 8:44:06 AM, User: Ike, synchronization started.

Database: NCSoftware

option: 1 - Overwrite existing tables
option: 1 - Keep this database synchronized

The system cannot find the file specified.

I still cannot get the logbook program to open on my Dell Axim X5. I have Active sync 3.5.1 and 1.9.5

Start Logbook Pro, open the Options area, close Logbook Pro.

Delete the partnership from ActiveSync (or uninstall/reinstall it).

Hard Reset the PPC.

Rerun the install procedure.

It sounds like the ODBC on your PC is not finding the Logbook Pro Data File. Confirm you do have entries in Logbook Pro and your OS is updated with MDAC and JET per the thread pinned to the top of this forum?

What Operating System are you using?

Intel99 said...

I tried both the forced and the normal wat to sync the PC and my PDA and had no luck. I have removed and reinstalled on both also. I keep getting a message access denied, then when I hit OK is says general access denied. Any ideas.

Intel 99
Access denied errors are typically caused because the application is still running on the Pocket PC. Go to the Settings...System Tab...Memory Icon, Running Programs tab and make sure Logbook Pro is not running. In fact, if you want, hard reset your PDA, the go into File Explorer, make sure there is no Logbook Pro folder under the Program Files folder. If so, remove it.

Thank you so much for this work around.

I have previously posted regarding the compatability of the new Active Sync 3.7.1 vs the 3.7. The 3.7 worked wil LBP, but not the new one.

For all of those who have had problems with with this Active Sync bug issue, give this work around a try. It worked fine for me and I now have LBP Companion working again perfectly wih AS 3.7.1

Thank you Mr. Neal Culiner,Mr. Weston and all others who posted on this issueforyour support.


Glad you got it working Mark. In all honesty, I don't think there are any bugs with 3.7.1 but it is just a matter of us understanding how a Pocket PC works, how it keeps applications running to save startup time, and how it is a smart device that we need to continue to learn to use.

Keep all the great feedback coming folks!

Thanks Chris,
That worked great.

Please excuse my ignorance but what at JET 4s and MDACs and how do I update them.


They are database drive updates for your system. As long as you keep your Windows Update up-to-date you should be fine. Here is the article containing links for the driver updates: Click Here to View

I managed to getLBP syncing with my PPC by following the alternative method suggested by Chris Weston in his 1/16/2004 post. I then had a period of inactivity w.r.t. syncing.After enteringa series of flights in my PPCI again tried to sync the conventional way without success. I then tried the alternative method.I thought this seemed to workonly to find notonly had it not synced, but the flights had beenerased frommy PPC.

Any suggestions? Any chance ofretrieving the flight information from my PPC orhas itgonefor good?

Flights are removed from the PDA after they are transferred to your PC. They are not stored in any backup. The bug is with ActiveSync when setting up a new DB connection it is NOT overwriting an existing data file on the PDA. It is imperative that if you are reattempting to create a connection between the PC and PDA that you ensure Logbook Pro is NOT running in the background on the PPC as the PPC tries to do to conserve memory, you can do this from the Settings..Memory..Running Programs area and stop it if it's listed. Then uninstall it from the PPC from the Remove Programs area. Then finally, go to File Explorer and DELETE the Logbook Pro folder from under \Program Files. While doing all this, make sure the PPC is NOT in the cradle. You should then go into Pocket Access...Settings and remove any DB connections. After all this is done, recradle the PPC and follow the installation instructions to recreate the connection from your PC to the PPC.

Thanks Neil,

Does this mean that I have lost all the flight information that I entered into my PPC?
I am only speaking for Logbook Pro's PDA Companions, not APDL which often get confused with each other. If you do not see data on your PDA, most likely it has been removed. You can try moving the CDB file to your PC via the Mobile Device part of Windows Explorer on your PC and it will conver the file to a Microsoft Access MDB which you can then open and see if there is any data, or e-mail the MDB file to support@nc-software.com for review.

If the data was removed from the PDA, it was placed in a PC data file. There is NO delete routine on the PDA unless you manually perform a purge from the Tools menu. Confirm you do not have multiple data files in use or the data may have been archived and an older DB restored?

I really don't have any idea what you're saying. It certainly appears that the data has gone from the PPC and did not sync with the LBP on my PC. I understand that this is problem with Active sync 3.7.1 but is there any simple way that data can be transferred between the two devices? It seems that any data entered into the PPC cannot be transferred into the PC.
donald said...
It seems that any data entered into the PPC cannot be transferred into the PC.

Yes, the data is easily transferred from the PPC to the PC version of Logbook Pro once the connection between the PC and PPC are made via the installation instructions. I recommend starting over from scratch, ensuring your are using Logbook Pro, the latest version currently available.

Remove Logbook Pro from your PPC, if you want, hard reset your PPC, also delete the partnership from ActiveSync (remove PPC from Cradle) from File...Delete Partnership. Ensure by going on the PPC then File Explorer that there is NO "Logbook Pro" folder under \Program Files. Once you are sure there are no remnants of Logbook Pro on the PPC and a new partnership has been created, place your PPC in the cradle and create a new partnership, ensure you select Pocket Access as a sync option. Now follow the installation instructions to pair up your Logbook Pro PC with your Pocket PC and it should then sync flights fine. After every sync, flights are removed from the PPC and merged into the PC. Also note that the PPC License code must be entered on BOTH the PPC and the PC under PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion area. If the Pocket PC Companion license codes are not entered on both, the merge queue will not show active allowing the import of data on the PC.

Confirm you are using

Confirm your PPC License code has been entered on both the PPC and PC? (Starts with 01-08...)

When starting up Logbook Pro, if there is data to be merged from the PPC in the merge queue, you will be prompted, and the menu option will be available (import...) under PDA Companions\Pocket PC Companion.


When trying to sync data that has been entered into the PPC, do I need to select EXPORT DATABASE TABLESrather than IMPORT DATABASE TABLES in active sync? If so, can you please tell me the procedure/file/directory, etc?

No, you don't select Export or Import. ActiveSync does the work once you've followed the installation directions. It either sync's automatically, or when you click the Sync button in ActiveSync. Please follow the installation directions included with Logbook Pro, or from this link, exactly as shown.

OK, I don't get it. I've followed every instruction to the letter. I can get active sync to sync entries made in LBP with the PPC but not vice versa. I can't get entries made in PPC to show in LBP.
I'm really getting frustrated with this and don't think it should be this difficult. I've already lost a month's worth of data which I will have to reented and am about to give up on LBP as some already have.
I don't understand what you mean by 'I can get active sync to sync entries made in LBP with the PPC but not vice versa.' Can you please elaborate?

I'm not aware of anyone having any problems with the PPC sync'ing much less giving up on Logbook Pro. This thread is quite old and most people that reset by ensuring the data is removed on the PPC prior to a reinstall, Logbook Pro and ActiveSync, as well as their OS, are up-to-date resolves all the issues. The best thing to do is start over, reset your PPC, uninstall/reinstall ActiveSync 3.7.1, ensure both the PC and PPC have the Pocket PC Companion license code entered, and all should work fine. Realize that the PDA Companions are ADD-ONLY devices. You enter flights on the PDA, sync to the PC, that's it. They do not maintain complete logbook data.