Android is on the way!


Feb 10, 2002
Android is on the way! (or at least I think it is)

Neal, I have been using LBP and ADPL since the beginning, and I must say that I am impressed that you could offer 13+ years of service for just the initial subscription price on my devices. Thank you for that!

I know that you don't offer release dates for your products, but I really need to get rid of the extra brick (palm based phone) in the flight bag. I have been watching the time-line for quite some time now on the future release of vNEXT, and see that it is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2011, and that you have prioritized the Android platform.

Akin to nailing Jello to a wall, when can we expect the Android platform to be released? Please give us something more concrete. In a month, two months, mid year? Something, anything would be great to get me out of my slump of having to carry and use this archaic palm device. My Android is getting a bit envious!
Hello Nathan,

Thank you for your post and kind words. There is no "concrete" in the world of software. While I have dreams of when I'd like to release things and dream up a schedule I wish I could stick to, it never (say again NEVER) works out that way! My "goal" as of this moment is to start Android public beta in March, closer to the end of March. If I surprise you with a sooner date, the better! :)

The iPhone/iPad apps set the baseline for the future mobile apps, i.e. Android and Windows Phone 7. So they had to be priority 1 and then we reuse a lot of the code and concepts in the subsequent platforms. Sadly they are all different, very different! It's the nature of the beast. But we have a common architecture now such as cloud sync and the pricing concept that we intend to keep common among the mobile apps.

Please know that these apps are NOT "APDL" just like iPhone and iPad are not intended to replace APDL. These apps are "Logbook Pro" which is the general aviation product with as much in it to help airline pilots until we get to the next round of APDl which comes after Logbook Pro PC edition version 2 as it is a much more complicated app. APDL users don't seem to realize that we have two completely separate lines of products, I apologize for that confusion. The Android app will be similar in function and capability to the version 2 iPhone/iPad apps if you want to see what's coming.

Thanks again for your post here so others can learn from your question.