Any shortcuts for multiple entries


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Feb 1, 2006
I fly freight for a living and fly 5 days a week. I often don't catch up on my LBPro entries for a while as I use a paper logbook as well.

I have found shortcuts for things like grouping flight duration with X-C and PIC. Is there any other shortcuts to speed up entering data?

If there is no such methods, I suggest the following additions to the software.

Pair legs and landings: If there are 5 legs on a flight the software should enter the same number in landings. If you have a copilot or some of them are at night, you can go and change the #s.

Date entry: After hitting return and entering a flight the program goes to the next entry starting with the same date, which is great if the flight occurs on the same day. There should be keyboard shortcuts to move up a day or two, so you don't have to use the mouse instead.

Data base lockout: I flew a lot of Cessna and Piper airplanes in the past but do not want to go through them everytime I want to enter an airplane. Is there a way to disable aircraft or tail #s that exist in your past so you don't have to filter through them for future entries? How about for routes, just because you flew a route once does not mean you want to scroll past it forever. Is there a way to limit the choices in these columns?

Changing the tab order: If you fly mostly at night or day or in a time of year that has little IFR, or even little VFR, you should be able to adjust the tabbing so the program just jumps to the fields you most often need to make entries into and only have to use the mouse if there is a change from the normal.

Any other suggested shortcuts for multiple entries out there?
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I suggest taking a look at the "speed logging" article about 11 links down in our recent newsletter with useful archives of prior newsletters.

You can use the + or - keys to change dates, or press "T" for today or "P" for previously entered date.

There are no methods for removing entries in the drop down lists, they will adjust based on recently flying history (currently entered flight date and then back in time).

Instead of changing TAB order you can change the column order. Drag and drop the location of columns so you have the ones you use most together, i.e. stacked left, and you can hide columns you don't use by right-clicking and choosing "Config Display". You may also find the Windows Style data entry system faster as all the data is before you, no scrolling required.

Thank you for your suggestions.