APDL 11.5.2


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Sep 3, 2013
Crashes right away on iPad and iPhone.. loaded APDL 11.5.0..1 from App Store on iPad, stable, I phone with 11.5.2 continued to crash..
that was the TestFlight latest yesterday (11.5.2).. both iPhone and iPad would crash when open.. I deleted the iPad App, and loaded from Apple App Store ( the iPhone (11.5.2) continued to crash, while iPad ( was stable.. I did submit report from crash, so you should have it..

What is the latest Public Beta? .. Test flight, yes?
as of today, TestFlight shows 11.5.2 ( if this is the same build as yesterday, then this was latest that would crash..
ok.. loaded on iPhone ( .. crashed opened in Calendar.. closed app, and reopened.. crashed again with a little more time delay.. sent both reports
Ken, we have your issue fixed, good bug found! If you can get into Settings > Airline and set your home (domicile) airport, that will fix it, otherwise our next update will resolve the crash so you can set this.