APDL on Verizon Treo 700P???


May 1, 2007
I’ve tried electronic log books before and my PDA locked up. I’d like to give it another try but am confused.

This website mentions the APDL for Palm but it doesn’t specify Treo phones in particular. So my question is, will this logbook work on my Verizon Treo 700P phone?

Will I be able to transfer my schedule to it? (as the website imply) I’m a UPS “driver”.

I just purchased my Treo phone and am pretty happy with it so far, if I had a logbook on it, it’d be absolutely awesome. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would like an electronic logbook but without locking up and worst yet, loosing all data each time the phone resets itself.
Neil - Thank you very much, will purchase it when I get home.

Just to be on the safe side, your logbook is not the same as this one, is it? http://www.frontbeach.com/PalmLog

That logbook caused my Treo 700p to keep resetting itself while deleting all inputs I already made in the logbook.

So if I get APDL, there's a desktop sync that comes with it?
I fly for UPS, would I be better off getting Logbook Pro, or APDL?

Little confused on the pros and cons but mainly the differences between the two...

Thanks for you reply...
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No, that's not our product.

For pilots such as yourself the recommended combination is Logbook Pro Professional Edition and APDL. The schedule importer is a free download from our web site. You can download free evaluations and/or purchase a license online to lift evaluation restrictions.

For more details, please visit the learn sections of our web site, such as the APDL section here.