APDL user trying to import data to LBP


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Jan 14, 2004
I'm a APDL user and I'm trying to get my data into Logbook Pro. Here are the problems I'm encountering:

1. If I use the apdlsinglesync everything imports nicely except that the Crew, FA/Hotel, and Remarks are all bunched into the Remarks section of Logbook Pro. I don't really want to manually cut&paste Crew to Crew1 (custom field), FA/Hotel to Crew2 (custom field) and so on. Is there a way to do this automatically during the import?

2. If I try to importmy data out of MS Access, I have all kinds of problems (however, the CREW and Remarks columns importjust fine). First, I import my apdl data into tables in Access, then I create a query that combines the detail-log with the monthly-summary-log and presents it in Jepp-style layout. Then, I export that query to a tab-delimited text file and try to import it into Logbook Pro. That's when my troubles start:
A) Logbook Pro won't import my OUT/IN columns because they are not in date format (they're in hhmm format)
B) Logbook Pro also won't import my Actual Block time into the DURATION column. That data is stored in Short Time format in Access (hh:mm), but during export to the text file it stores as MM/DD/1899 hh:mm:ss and I guess Logbook Pro can't do anything with that.
C) What really puzzles is me is that my INSTRUMENT and NIGHT columns don't import. They are already in the format Logbook Pro uses (hoursand tenths)

I would really appreciate any replies, especially from other APDL users who have a working solution setup.

P.S.: about the Autofill function being triggered on an import: I think it would be nice to have the option of turning Autofill ON or OFF during import depending on the user's needs.

I recommend posting your issue with APDL and Single-Sync on the Auman Software Forums. It sounds like you are aware of the data format requirements for import, so there's nothing I can do to resolve that, your best bet is to work with Auman Software to get APDL's import to be hands off for you.

Thank you for your feedback on the autofill after import option. I am looking at this functionality for the next maintenance release.

Thanks for the quick reply! I did post it there, too, but this forum seems to be more active and I've noticed there are a 'couple'
of APDL users lurking around here.