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Announcement APDL Version 7.0.6 Released

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
I am very excited to announce that Apple approved our latest build which is 7.0.6. This is a huge improvement and finally brings our builds up to date due to Apple's holiday down time and delays in getting apps approved again. This build has many enhancements as outlined below but you'll find significant improvements to Sync, Status Board (tap edit and check out the new widgets), AutoFILL, AutoForward, Trip Editing, Schedule Importing, Legality, What If, and much more. Many thanks to our outstanding APDL Beta Team of airline pilots that worked by our side through the holidays to sprint the final mile to make APDL an amazing app. We are absolutely thrilled with 7.0.6 and we hope everyone will get it installed as soon as it becomes available in the App Store app or UPDATES area on your devices.

Release Notes - APDL iOS - Version

** Bug

* [AI-1146] - Time Zone issue for ELP
* [AI-1684] - Status Board hints show and disappear when resuming to status board
* [AI-1689] - CA-PM has pilot flying enabled by default
* [AI-1724] - When Adding a SC RAP the end time jumps back a day
* [AI-1802] - Persistent store issues signing out
* [AI-1823] - Map not panning/zooming in Trip View for iPhone 6 Plus
* [AI-1832] - Tap legality share button on iPad and cannot dismiss popover
* [AI-1873] - App crash when adding aircraft from leg editor (CL 1988)
* [AI-1874] - Aircraft Details - Previous time manually entered doesn't show in Settings..Acft
* [AI-1875] - Crashing when adding new tail in leg entry
* [AI-1879] - Nav go Legality from Trip View Lozenge does not show date navigation bar at top of view
* [AI-1880] - Calendar crashes when trying to view on 12/31/2014 (7:45 PM)
* [AI-1882] - Keypad doesn't hide when resetting (clearing) OOOI's
* [AI-1883] - Auto night not working from AutoFill
* [AI-1884] - Menu shows month next to Schedule based on UTC
* [AI-1889] - Add Aircraft Previous Time Keyboard not correct on iPhone
* [AI-1890] - Problems saving notes on existing crewmember
* [AI-1902] - If showing a row with an inline time editor and then you push to approaches, etc. and come back the editor and keypad remain open
* [AI-1904] - Drag handles not rendering in Status Board in Edit mode
* [AI-1929] - APDL incorrectly adjusting report times after import
* [AI-1931] - App Crashes when RETURN button is hit on keyboard with new flight
* [AI-1933] - CrossCheck spinner never clears
* [AI-1572] - Validation (SAVE disabled) with SCR
* [AI-1673] - Update Leg Edit and Duty Edit present controllers to wrap passed managed object in private context
* [AI-1714] - Status Board Next Duty Period Incorrect
* [AI-1720] - RAPs randomly appearing on past trips
* [AI-1771] - Launch image not sized properly on iPad 2 / 7.1

** Improvement

* [AI-574] - UI : Adding non-flying duties that count towards FDP
* [AI-1826] - Long text payrolls should use abbreviated term in Leg Cell
* [AI-1827] - Move Resume to bottom in a new section on Settings main screen
* [AI-1828] - No Duty Legality Status issues - Menu, Status Board...
* [AI-1829] - Pay Details and Year in Payroll view should be larger font like used in Summary view
* [AI-1831] - If current leg dest gate doesn't match next leg dep gate don't autoforward aircraft
* [AI-1833] - Review allowed duplicate info in crewmember area, name cannot be dup'd but employee ID can
* [AI-1839] - Refactor Gate Widget to a single widget
* [AI-1842] - Show percentage next to rig
* [AI-1850] - Don't clear cache if reachability test fails
* [AI-1851] - Allow Night and Instrument inputs if block/flight is zero
* [AI-1852] - Disable Nav Bar hiding in Map View and/or make nav bar translucent
* [AI-1853] - Review calls to Cloud from Monitor and Sync Completed as they may compete
* [AI-1857] - Have CheckCurrentFlight check current AND prior leg
* [AI-1859] - Enhance AutoFILL a/c to search for N prefix match
* [AI-1868] - Improve weather caching
* [AI-1887] - Spacing between Credit Label and Value (iPhone Trip View)
* [AI-1888] - Convert FAR 117 Menu item into a "Resources" Menu for more capability
* [AI-1773] - Review and enhance GetCurrentFlightPhase method
* [AI-1774] - Don't show delayed until 1 minute past

** New Feature

* [AI-1856] - Add setting to control full screen mode iOS 8

** Task

* [AI-1844] - Add linkage to FAR 117 (App, Docs, etc.)
* [AI-1854] - Hide Expense fields in PDF Logbook? (not usable)
* [AI-1866] - Save from sync CoreData faults
If you turned off any AutoFILL features in 7.0.0 within the Settings/General area I strongly encourage you to turn them all back to ON with 7.0.6 and enjoy this great feature which we nailed down in 7.0.6. Let the automatic logging work for you and see how amazing this system is.