Cat II, III, and other additions to the approach menu


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Oct 24, 2008
I wish I had:
1.) the options of Cat II, all the Cat III's, and autoland in the approach drop-down-list/menu/toolbar. It would be cool if Logbook Pro kept track of Cat II and III currencies for all applicable FAR parts.

2.) a breakdown for the DME based appraoches: LOC DME, VOR DME, LOC BC DME. The FAA lists navaid and navaid DME separately in the operations specifications they give all 121 and 135 carriers, and I've worked for airlines that could do a LOC BC but not a LOC BC DME

3.) CVFP (charted visual flight procedure ie DCA, SFO) CIRCLE, and CONTACT

4.) the ability to customize this munu/toolbar, because again, my carrier is not authorized for all approaches, so it would be nice if I could preselect only the ones I'll do.

I think you'll see more call for the autolands and cat II/III stuff as more and more automation shows up in cockpits, and the airlines realize they can save fuel by getting the certifications.

Love the program; just entered about 6000 hours in it.
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I agree. Right now I have to add a note in APDL and manualy log Cat II and Cat III approaches in a field I created in LBP, but I have to remember to do it when I sync my PDA.