Constantly Crashing!! PLEASE see poll if you have same prob.


New member
Oct 2, 2004
I just purchased LB pro. and have been configuring my data. All was going well until I tried to enter my cert. & history item info. Every time I try to switch between any combination of certs., docs., or history, the program freezes and than crashes. None of the data that I was entering before the crash gets saved. I expected a product of very high quality when I purchased it, that is why I decided to spend the extra $ for your product. It also seems as though I am not alone, judging solely by the other entries in this forum. I have started a poll to see who else has a similar problem. What can you sugest to fix this prob.?
p.s. I am running windows XP w/ service pack 2.
Hello SRS,

Posting a poll is not a method of receiving technical support. We have had no reported issues of stability or problems that you note. We would be happy to assist. Feel free to e-mail a backup of your Logbook Pro data file (File..Archive..Backup) to support for review. You may want to try uninstalling, reboot, then reinstalling and ensure virus, adware/spyware, and other security types of programs that may interfere with installations have been disabled during the installation process.

Logbook Pro is available on a try-before-you-buy basis to ensure stability and compatibility, should this be a concern. We are also running Windows XP Service Pack 2 with no known issues whatsoever.