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Creating TPIC column

I'm not in front of my computer, but here is how to do that off the top of my head.

Go to Options. Custom Time. Create a new custom Time field - give it a name.

Still in the Options area, go to Autofill editor and select your aircraft from the dropdown box. Check the new custom time field.

Still in Options, go to the logbook layout tab and check the box under Custom Time to add it to your logbook view. While here, uncheck any fields you do not wish to see in your logbook layout ("Expenses", for example).

Go back to the logbook spreadsheet layout. Find the new time column - click and hold the column header and drag it to the position you wish to see it in.

You are welcome to create a custom turbine PIC time column. However, I personally do not recommend it as the analyzer already tracks this and can show you the TPIC total through the use of filters.

To find your TPIC total in the analyzer do the following:

Click on the Blue Power Characteristics Filter
Uncheck the non turbine options listed
Click Back into the analyze grid and the totals will update
Duration is now total turbine and PIC is now showing TPIC

If you do want a custom TPIC column in the logbook do the following

Go to View..Options..Custom
Click on the Time Fields Tab
Type TPIC into the first empty field
Click Close
Now go to view..options..autofill
Select The type of aircraft in question
Place a checkmark in the TPIC box and PIC box. Everytime you enter a flight in that type the duration value will be copied over to the PIC and TPIC column

Please review the following article on over logging before creating custom columns to avoid over logging