Custom Fields

Customizations are passed down from the PC. Check in Options...Custom on the PC, make the changes, then resync.

I changed the field on the PC. They did not come through on the sync. I even triede reinstalling the Palm software but the old custom labels remain.
Not sure if this is the same problem but here goes. I have changed the names of some of the column headings on my PC (eg solo is now named Capt etc) however these changes do not seem to transfer across to my PDA (Pocket PC)and so entering information on my PDA is a nightmare as I have to remember what each box actually equates to.
Any news on this? I have just installed the new update and still the custom field names have not transferred across to my pocket pc. I am in the British military and as such log times with different names than in the US. On the desk top I have changed many of the field names, for instance Cross Country is now Dual Night and solo is now Capt etc etc. These new names are not transferring across to my PDA which means that it is impossible to input flights into my PDA as I cannot remember which field is equivalent to the desktop field I want. This is rendering the program virtually unusable to me as I am often away for long periods and have to rely on logging my flights as I go using my PDA.
This issue was tested and code added to ensure the custom labels were refreshed. I suggest removing the application from your PDA, removing the connection from ActiveSync and reinstalling. We have been unable to duplicate this issue.

Tried that twice now, on the logbook input general page i still get the boxes at the bottom labeled as solo, xc, IP, Eval etc ie the defaults from the desktop
Okay, now I understand what you are talking about. Those are NOT part of the Options...Custom 'custom fields' and only the 'custom fields' are propagated to the PDA. Changing 'column titles' in Logbook Pro are NOT propagated to the PDA and not planned to be at this time in the 1.x series. I will document the issue for review if the opportunity arises, but as of now, this is not expected to be a feature in a future 1.x PDA version.