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May 10, 2008
Greetings! I'm a new user (1st post) and am very impressed with the capabilities of LBP! I'm trying to create a new report, based on a couple of custom columns -PinC and Co-Pilot. What I would like the report to do for me is simply tell me who was PinC (or Co), for how many flights and how many hours. That's all -just list the name (once) how many times flown in what capacity and for how many hours.

I've tried to modify the Jepp template, but I'm just not getting there. Further, it won't allow me to delete unnecessary columns in my report. Is the Jepp report the only one customisable? Is there an option to build a brand-new report from the ground up?


You can create a custom template and designate a column to use a custom text field that you created in the Options...Custom area. Text fields will not have summaries at the bottom of the column, they will only display the names on the report. As for what you can customize in a custom report template please review the Reports topic of the documentation by clicking Help...Contents or online.
wow! Quick response, thanks Neal.

Yeah I've pretty much 'been there done that' with the 1 customisable Jepp report... unfortunately, it ain't meeting my needs.

help said:
If the plethora of reports that ship with Logbook Pro are not enough, we even offer a report designer capability allowing you to build an infinite number of your own report templates matching that of the popular Jeppesen style format.

followed by...

help said:
Columns cannot be removed, hidden, resized, or reordered...

which is pretty much exactly what I want to do -remove, hide, resize and reorder!

Is there any wholly customisable report within LBP or likely to be in a future release?