Dear Santa,

Santa's elves have been working a year and a half on this project and the sleigh is being inspected for delivery soon. Additional elves will be testing the gift soon to ensure all flaws are gone when placed under your tree. :)
Where's the "Like" button? Nice post! One flaw with iOS; 3 out of 4 phones are running Android.
Three Out of Four Smartphones are Rocking Android | Maximum PC

I wish we could do it all and we had a team of 50-100 developers available, but we don't. One of the big deciding factors was the airline's adoption of the iPad. If anyone hears of airlines going with Android tablets I'd love to hear about it. We are developing APDL just like Logbook Pro with Android in mind, i.e. designing it to be ported. We'll get APDL for iOS stabilized, features solidified, then we'll look at moving our effort towards Android. I'm also keeping a close eye on Windows 8/RT (phone/tablet) as I believe it's going to be more successful than anyone expected. So far it's getting surprisingly good reviews. It's just their "iOS version 1" - give Microsoft time now with their rebirth of Windows 8 (phone/tablet, etc.) and it will be interesting especially with iOS becoming a stale/unchanged platform and I personally believe has peaked and started its decline in the market.