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editing logbook problems


New member
Jun 8, 2007
I downloaded the newest version of logbook pro 1.10.37 and have been experiencing a problem when I edit imported trips from APDL.

After I sync my phone with my computer and then use the PDA wizard to upload flights since last sync this is what I do:

I always log a new line for either a change in: FO, Plane N number, or Day

It will only sync by day or each leg and since I don't do a new entry for each leg, I sync by the day and edit as necessary.

When you change a line tha has lets say 4 legs to 2 and then add a new entry with the same date for the other 2 legs, with previous versions of logbook pro, it would put the new entry behind the entry already there for that date.

With this newer version it doesn't and I don't know how to keep it from doing that so that the flights are in chronological order.


If I have a day where I go ORD-SBN-CLE-PVD-DCA and I have a plane swap in CLE.

I would log it ORD-SBN-CLE on 1 line and CLE-PVD-DCA on another.

When it syncs it will appear ORD-SBN-CLE-PVD-DCA, so I delete everything behind CLE. Then I click on the bottom or hit new entry and make a entry for the same date using CLE-PVD-DCA.

After I'm done, I hit refresh and on my previous version it would read as it should. Since I upgraded versions it puts the CLE-DCA portion before the ORD-CLE portion which is inaccurate.

I've been using LBP for 6 years and this is the first time it's done this and I don't know if it's the version, or some new setting on the program that's changed or what. I'm unable to cut a entry and paste it so it ranks higher, so I need a way to fix it other than having to manually go in and swap everything around which is a huge pain.

Eric A.

Senior Support Engineer
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Jan 18, 2003
Goto Options...Flight Log Tab...Config Display and choose to show the OUT column.

Then enter a Fake block out / in times that equal the duration for both legs in question. When you sort it will then sort them by date then block out time.