european database


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Jan 29, 2003
Does the possibility exist to include European airports in 'RouteBrowser'?

If it has to be done manually, where can I find the lat/long data for these airports?

The current version of the product does not have any European data so it would require entry by hand. European airport lat/longs can come from several sources including navigation charts and several web sources such as: (maps a great circle and has a universal airport database) (calculates sunrise and sunset)

If it is not possible to find an exact lat/long. Look for other nearby references. For graphing purposes, a reference to any nearby location may be enough to give satisfactory mapping results.

I can't say when the next version of Route Browser will be out, but I am currently on the lookout for a definitive source of European data similar to what the FAA puts out. If you or anyone else knows of a good source, please let me know.
I currently don't have a good source for Canadian airports. If anyone knows where I could obtain an electronic listing of Canadian airports, I'd be glad to try to add them.