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EXCEL Import


Mar 3, 2006
North Carolina
Importing EXCEL Spreadsheet

I would like to import my flight data from an excel spreadsheet. I have seen posts but can not find them now. Thanks

Please search the forums on "import" and you should find other hits. To import a CSV or TAB delimited data file, the format should be as close to the Spreadsheet Style area in Logbook Pro as possible. First row of column headings, all subsequent rows are flight entries (not summaries, etc.). Lastly, the source data must have five required columns: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM).
If my excel spreadsheet colums do not match exactly when I import will that throw off the import and put information in the wrong columns?
If my columns of my excel spreadsheet do not match exactly to the Logbook Pro spreadsheet will that mess up the import and put data in the wrong columns? My main concern is the spreadsheet I used in the past had a From box and then about five boxes to put in each destinatin to determine the route of flight. I have tried to change the route of flight into one box but have been unable .
The Import wizard allows you to map columns so they are lined up as you wish. For the route mapping, you can map a single column containing an entire route OR a FROM and TO location which Logbook Pro will combine. You'll need to save your Excel spreadsheet to a TAB delimited text file (File..Save As...select text (tab delimited)). Please refer to the Import Wizard documentation.