• Apple released iOS 16 today (Sept 12). As of this writing initial testing reveals no issues with APDL or Logbook Pro.

Files on my Treo 650


Jan 24, 2006
Running APDL 6.0.4 and LBP 1.10.25. Sprint Treo 650.

Trying to clean up the Treo and am faced with a bunch of files. Can you identify the APDL files that must be kept and what can be deleted? Here's the list of what is on my Treo 650 when I tap the upper left APP, Delete

AAAChecker 27k
Adobe Reader 456k
Air SAM 58k
Air SAMPrv 31k
AirlineLog 190k
AirlineLog-200000 3k
AirlineLog-200511 3k
AirlineLog-200512 14k
AirlineLog-200601 23k
AirlineLog-200602 11k
AirlineLog-200603 24k
AirlineLog-200604 26k
AirlineLog-200605 23k
AirlineLog-200606 15k
AirlineLog-200607 26k
AirlineLog-200608 13k
AirlineLog-200609 16k
AirlineLog-202108 3k
AirlineLog-202109 3k
AirlineLogbook-CLE 3k
AirlineLogbook-DAL 3k
AirlineLogbook-DCA 3k
AirlineLogbook-GDL 3k
AirlineLogbook-IAD 3k
AirlineLogbook-IAH 3k
(a bunch more like these I'm too tired to type)
AirlineLogbook-pref 16k

the list goes on, but they don't appear to be APDL items, although I can't be for certain.

If anybody has any direction on how to clean up the Treo, please let me know. Thank you. Ken Kerr


Jan 24, 2006
Schweeeet! I am all about leaving it alone and heading off to the beach! Thanks for your quick reply. KK.