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Filtering in Route Browser v2.0


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Jun 26, 2005
Bloomington, IL
Just downloaded the new Route Browser v2 software. Some very nice additions make it much more friendly to use. One of my wishlist items has been added (Google Earth), and the expanded and enhanced airport database is also quite nice.

After toying with the new filters dialog, I find that it doesn't work the way I would I would expect/like it to. Apparently, there is only 'OR' logic in the selection criteria, where I would like to narrow down my selections with 'AND'.

For example, if I check two single boxes from the lists to plot all the flights in a certain type of aircraft that took place in a certain year, I get ALL entries that match either the type OR the year, not both. Am I missing something?
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I'm reviewing how this process could work better. Your comment seems to make more sense than the way it is presently implemented.

Jeff Farris