Flight time discrepancy for past 672 hours


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May 26, 2014
So I've been inputting my data and decided to see where I was at compared to the record my company keeps. Here's my question now. The flight time I'm showing in the past 672 hours is 21 minutes less than what they show. I called our scheduling guy and he told me that they have no way of recording when the aircraft starts movement under its own power (the start of flight time) and everything they have is based on ACARS on and in times. The other day in PHL we blocked out, sat at the gate for 21 minutes without being pushed back, timed out, and Blocked back in.

APDL is smart enough to realize that this shouldn't count towards my flight time for the 672 look back. But my company's records do count it. Should I change the way APDL calculates that so I'm on the same page with my company or should I leave it as is?

Man these new regs and the way it's handled in house behind smoke and curtains is pretty shady [emoji33]
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A company can choose to be more conservative than the regs if they so choose to be.

When I flew ACARS equipped aircraft the ACARS unit would automatically show a block out the second I dropped the parking brake for pushback and would not send a block in until the brake was send and L1 or a cargo door was opened (IIRC) each system can be set different.

It sounds like the company is counting towards flight time as you blocked out with the intention to go fly.

You could set it as a RETURN TO GATE and make sure the APPLY to flight time and Apply to Legality is selected for that payroll category. That should count it against your FDP and flight time.
Every company seems to do one thing different here or there. As beta testers, we've given feed back from our experiences and I know they have all been heard. With that said, some companies are more conservative with 117 and how they implement it.