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Flight time format issue


New member
Dec 14, 2004
Is there any experienced user or programmer who can help me with the next issue.</o:p>
I’m a professional pilot and need a good program to log my hours correctly. I downloaded the logbook pro 1.9.7 to try this program out. Now my question is about the time format. I’m free to enter the start en end time in hours and minutes no problems here. But the program stores the total times in hours.tenths. I prefer to see the total time in hours and minutes, any way to change this or can I only see it in hour.tenths. </o:p>
This is not a big problem only a big downside for me.</o:p>
Secondly I need to log my hours correctly. When I put the program to the test and enter 4 flights of 15 minutes. 4 times 15 min = 1 Hour. In the program 15 minutes is 0.3 , 4 times 0.3 = 1.2. and if these are night times the program only allows you to enter a value of 0.2 in this case. If the program uses more decimal places it must see that the total time should be 1 hour but when I use the analyzer tool it show total time 1.2 and total night time 0.8. </o:p>
Maybe I’m doing something wrong here but this isn’t a way to log my hours correctly is it not?</o:p>
Is it a bug in this version?</o:p>
Will there be a new version where you can work in hours and minutes also for the total time?</o:p>

Version 2 (mid-2005) will support multiple time format entries. For the most accurate transition to version 2, if you require minutes, it is recommended to enter Takeoff/Landing times.

The logging methods as you see now with hours.tenths is not a bug, this is correct flight logging. If you view the Time Convert (Edit Menu) you'll see a time chart on how tenths are derived per federal guidelines.

Thank you for your feedback.