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Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
Logbook Pro Android Beta Testers,

As I've setup Google Play as a public (open) beta I am opening up public access to this forum. I will also after posting this message REMOVE you from the mandatory email notifications typically involved with beta testing. I encourage all beta testers to subscribe to this forum to receive email notifications of new threads. You can also view this forum in Tapatalk as desired.

The first BETA is imminent and should be available in a few days. I will push this first build to both HockeyApp and Google Play and in the HockeyApp announcement make sure everyone knows to use the Google Play Beta primary. To install the HockeyApp build you will need to have the security setting on your device to allow non Google Play builds (unknown sources).

So again, please subscribe to this forum as I will now remove the associated email list from the initial beta tester signups.

Thank you and I look forward to your testing when the builds start rolling very soon. The minimum requirement is Android 4.0.3 going forward.
I've had a couple of days to try the beta version. I really like the new look! I have had it force close a couple of times right after taking my phone off airplane mode. I reported it via the app and hopefully it makes it to you. It doesn't shut down, but starts right back up (no splash screen) after the FO dialog box. One more suggestion - the small disk icon to save the flight and the discs icon with the "+" sign are a bit too close for my liking. I'm not sure what goes into making those, but I like the android "material" way of adding a circle with a + icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Other than. That the app is running well.
Thank you for your feedback. I did not get your bug report, please send it again and I will also check that the bug report system is not broken :(

The floating action button is coming next (+ button on lower right), or at least it's in development now barring any hold ups.
I'm not sure I submitted the bug report correctly. A dialog box opened saying that lbp has stopped and gave me the choice of close or report. I chose report and it sent the data. I can't get it to FC again. Is there a better way of sending the bug report?
Yesterday I had the app reset twice. It would try to open and I would get a message that the app had stopped it would restart to a blank white screen and another message would say that the app had stopped and then it would restart normally. It happened once in airplane mode and once with the network on. I haven't been able to duplicate it since. I'm on a Motorola Droid Turbo running Android 5.1.