Give me a reason not to leave LBP and APDL for the competition


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Dec 17, 2008
I'll say what I'm sure a lot of long time LBP and APDL users have in other ways said, and still think.

It's been 2 years that I've been on my android phone, (and 1.5yrs with an ipad). When I changed from a WinMobile phone to Android, I gave up using APDL. I basically stopped updating my logbook which was up to date daily when I had APDL.
There was no android mobile app at the time I did not have my ipad, that came 6 months later, so I did not start using the LBP mobile app. (Not until very recently).

Now that I'm updating my logbook, I signed up for schedule importer and have been making my way through it. And as I said earlier, I'm using LBP mobile to log my new stuff day to day.

We have been hearing for a couple years now that APDL is on the way with this grand new version of LBP.
Frankly, I'm at the point where I'm ready to switch to one of the competitors that work more effectively for airline pilots.
Bottom line, using the mobile app, and having to keep a day total then make an entry for the whole day rather than this BS of leg by leg input is absurd, and I'm tired of it. I used LBP mobile for all of 2 weeks, and I'm done.

Give us an estimated release date for APDL, please!

If not, I'm bailing. You're losing customers day after day, and I guarantee you would have had a lot of us who would have PAID AHEAD OF TIME to help you raise $ to develop it. This piss poor line of "it's coming soon, it's in beta, we are a small company" is totally worn out. You went from offering a superior product line to an inferior one, and it's just plain sad.
Also, consider that the average GA pilot has a lot less incentive to use the mobile app and pay for the portal subscription than an airline pilot. We are the guys who will be paying a subscription for the next 30 years, not the weekend warrior who questions if it's really worth the $ just to put his times into his phone, rather than writing them down and typing it into LBP when at home.
Guess you guys didn't think of that.

So, when's the release date, down to within a month. None of this quarterly or "soon" junk, say when, or you lose another customer.
To be frank, I'll wait, and so will a lot of us, JUST TELL US WHEN WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL.

PS. don't tell me to go pay $50 to use a palm emulator to run APDL on my ipad unless you plan to pay for it.
In fact, that's a good idea... Why don't you guys talk to the developer of that app, and get a license agreement in place that gives APDL owners, former and new the license for the app if they opt in. until the new version(s) of APDL for iOS and Android are released. Might go a long way towards keeping some customers willing to pay you guys for your software, even without a solid release date.
Hello Cosmo,

Thank you for your passionate feedback. Software is too hard to predict "down to the month" - when it's ready is when we'll release it. It will remain in beta as long as necessary until all the issues are worked out, all the feedback we feel needs to go into the final release is incorporated, and we can assure a quality product at release. We don't release by calendar, we release by quality. If we lose you as a customer, that's unfortunate, and I've always told people, use what's best for your needs. We know we can't meet everyone's needs and we're not just going to pump out some product in some quality level just to get something out there, we do it right or we don't do it at all. We've kept you up to date via our newsletters as much as we can and will continue to do so. If you're interested in being on the APDL for iOS beta team then you're welcome to request access by e-mailing us at and we'll send out more invites as slots become available. We are building a solution that will not be obsolete in months, i.e. we have to build a system that will also handle 117 and not only 121.

Thank you again for your feedback. We know APDL is an important tool for the airline pilots and we will deliver.