How do know I when I reached 750 FW Hours?


Dec 21, 2013
In fear of "blowing up the forum" with three posts in a row... I've been banging my head all day on this... I am prepping a logbook for a Regional Airline Interview. One the things they want to know is the date I reached certain minima for an ATP-R. So, for example, how do I find the date I hit 750 Hours FW, and 200 hours X-Country. On a certain cheap e-logbook else where this was a simple query, yet here I can't figure out. I appreciate the communities help and patience with me. Thanks, everyone.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I am just having a hard time seeing it. I read through the help file and watched some of the videos. I guess I am just not getting it. Could you point me in the right direction for where I could learn to do this; or tell me in short how. The only quick way I found was create a Jeppessen Flight Log and then simply flip through the pages... though this doesn't really tell me when I hit 750 hours of Fixed Wing time. Sure I could sit there with a calculator- but surely this is a feature I am just not seeing.

Thanks for your patience.

The best way for what you need is probably to use the Analyzer. Click View / Analyzer. Alternatively one of the reports may be of preference such as Reports / Aircraft / Aircraft Configuration Summary. You will probably need to add ASEL and AMEL time together. When you run any report or the Analyzer you will see a date filter, choose a starting date at or before your first flight ever. For the ending date, pick your best guess initially, then you can click the date button on the toolbar to pick different dates walking your end date as needed until your values come out as you need.

If you're proficient in Excel, you could go to the spreadsheet flight log area, click the Filter button which about 7 from the right side on the sub-toolbar and then filter the display to only show aircraft types you want to show in the "Aircraft" drop down. Then click update. Now that you have your data area filtered you could export it to Excel, then create a running totals or some other formula to get what you need.
Thanks! I suppose I would put that in as a feature request. In another logbook system you can simply create a query for AMEL +ASEL time and have it charted as a line graph historically. Then simply look at where the line ascends through the 750s... alternatively dragging the mouse along the line gives dates and times... i.e. 751 hours April 15th, 2011.