How to Install the Palm Companion

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
This is an informational post to help answer a potentially commonly asked question 'How do I install the Palm Companion?'

The Palm Companion software is included with Logbook Pro 1.7. If Logbook Pro is installed to the default location of C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro you will now see a sub-folder named 'Palm Companion.' Within this folder is a .PRC file, this file is the installer for the Palm Companion software.

Use the Palm Install tool that comes with your Palm Desktop application and add this .PRC file to be installed on next HotSync. Ensure you have at least 1.5 meg + free on your device as the installer will unpack the files which are around 1 meg plus the size of the installer itself. The installation is automatic on your handheld device then the installer package will remove itself, freeing up more space.

After installation, configure the database connection to your PDA from the PDA Companion\Palm Companion menu area. Once completed (and Palm Companion Registered) you will need to do another HotSync to download the required data to your Palm device. Once this second HotSync is done, you are ready to use the Palm Companion and perform the two-way communications with your Logbook Pro PC data file.

Bottom line: Please read the included help file with Logbook Pro 1.7 by clicking Help...Contents then scroll down to read the PDA Companions \ Palm Companion section.

Enjoy and Fly Safe!!

Neal Culiner
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I'm a registered user of Logbook Pro v1.6.232. I downloaded v1.7.30 and installed it as you instructed. Now...where do I get the registration for my Palm VIIx? Thanks.