How to open a .BAK document?

Feb 3, 2007
I backed up my Logbook Pro in the "My Documents" section of my computer. What program do I have to use to open it, and then save it to a CD?
I want to confirm that you originally created the .BAK file to your hard drive? The file size should be around 400 KB or larger. You can then restore this .BAK file by clicking File..Archive..Restore.

If you continue to have a problem please send the .BAK file in a support ticket.
As you can probably tell, I am not real computer savvy! :)

When I save something in "My Documents" is that my hard drive?

That is where I saved the .BAK file, which is 643 KB.


Yes "My Documents" is on your hard drive, not your CD-ROM drive. You should be able to launch Logbook Pro 1.10.26 (as indicated in Help...About) and click File..Archive..Restore, select the .BAK file in your "My Documents" folder and it should restore. If not, send me the .BAK file in a support ticket and I'll make sure it's not corrupt, etc.