Resolved Icon disappeared with 1.16.9

Jon Carlson

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Jan 18, 2024
I think (?) LBPro updated on my PC recently to 1.16.9. I've had it pinned to my Windows 10 taskbar for many years. But now the icon won't show up, just a generic square, and I can't select Properties->Change Icon as the thing isn't a link to an EXE file anymore. I've used the Setup program with the Repair option to no avail. Any hints? This is minor, but... makes it kinda harder to find.
Delete the icon from the task bar.

Locate the program in your windows Program menu

Right click and pin to task bar

Thanks for the reply. But... did that. None of the stuff in the LBPro start menu folder has icons.


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-Backup your data file by clicking File...Backup to File
-Uninstall Logbook Pro from the Windows Control Panel / Programs & Features
-Reboot recommended but not required
-Reinstall after downloading from the URL below

NC Software - Downloads

NOTE: Data and Registrations are NOT AFFECTED by uninstall/reinstall procedures. This will only replace the software on the computer without affecting your information.
That appears to have worked, thanks.

Gotta say if anyone else tries this, Windows did some kind of optimizing when it started the first time though - high CPU load for a few minutes. But it eventually worked and all seems OK.