Idea / Feature requests


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APDL Beta Team
Sep 16, 2013
With the prevalence of social media these day, many types of software are baking social type stuff into the software.

Looking through a logbook is like a stroll down memory lane. My idea -- and perhaps it's not that original -- is to enhance that aspect. As I was going through my logbook recently, I was remembering certain flights and the photos I took. I think it would be cool to add a multimedia / social dimension to future versions of LBP, so that folks can really remember and share their flying trips. A slick slide show would be nice.

On the more business side of things, I recently and for the first time printed my e-logbook and put it in a nice leather binder. It looks pretty sharp, and made a nice impression on the person who was interviewing me for an airline job. However, I fly so many different tail numbers, so many different co-pilots, on so many different legs -- and I log day-by-day, that all the notes and such looked really crowded and difficult to read. Is there some kind of setting for variable spacing, or can the spacing be increased? Or could this be a future feature? I personally am willing to use a few more sheets of paper if this will increase legibility.


Glad your interview went well and Logbook Pro helped you make a good impression. Putting a lot of data into remarks is always a tricky issue. While we want to document many aspects when it comes time to print you have to deal with it and we hope to have more options in the next major release of Logbook Pro but you may want to consider creating a custom report template and increase the row height to accommodate the data.